Activate the Collection System in Tolls I and II of Valle de la Pascua

These tolls also generate 71 jobs directly between the two stations. Photo: Guárico Governorate

In Guárico state, the Road Collection System was activated in Tolls I and II, located between trunk lines 15 and 13, at the respective exits of the Leonardo Infantes municipality, specifically in the city of Valle de la Pascua, which will strengthen the projects maintenance and safety on the roads.

The governor of the state, José Vásquez, explained that the Easter Station II toll will cover an assistance radius from Tucupido, Zaraza and San José de Unare; while Easter Station I will have action between El Socoro and Santa María de Ipire.

These have road assistance services, such as towing, ambulance, firefighters, security and others, in order to guarantee the well-being and comfort of users, with 12 auxiliary units at this start, also generating 71 jobs in a way direct between both stations.

"Guárico is the third state with the largest population, but the first with the largest roads in the country, for that reason, we are working on the activation of tolls with the main objective of security and later guaranteeing walkability," said the Guariqueño ruler Vásquez, who indicated that in the next few days the Rastro - Calabozo toll will be reactivated in Trunk 2.

For her part, the president of the company Construcción es de Vialidad (Construvialgua), Maricarmen Monsalve, indicated that an official gazette has been established in which the classification of vehicles and the amount to be paid in tolls has been made, which a Once collected, it will be used for the Road Maintenance Plan, these being:

-Light vehicles: Bs. 80.000,00.
-Microbus: Bs. 300.000,00.
-Bus: 400.000,00.
-Light load: 3.000.000,00.
-2 axes: 4.000.000,00.
-3 axes: 5.000.000,00.
-4 axes: 6.000.000,00.
-5 axes: 7.000.000,00.
-6 axles or more: Bs. 8.000.000,00.

In the same way, Monsalve ️ concluded that in a first phase the Dos Caminos toll was reactivated, which has 36 workers and has served more than 174 thousand users, providing 169 ambulance care and 67 road assistance actions since 2020 .



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