11 oxygen cylinder reception points are activated in Maturín

The Vertical Gymnasium of the Lo Godos parish in Maturín is enabled for the reception and recharging of oxygen cylinders.

The governor of Monagas, Yelitze Santaella, through a radio transmission on a regional chain, reported that she had 11 reception points for oxygen cylinders in the Maturín municipality to capture requests from covid-19 patients.

The measure is carried out through the Oxygen Route, a device that was activated through Transmonagas, to optimize the distribution by parish of the cylinders required by patients affected by coronavirus.

In this sense, the president of the transport operator, José Vicente Maicavares, pointed out that this initiative responds to the need to serve the people of Monaco in the face of the increase in infections due to the Brazilian variant.

He explained that parochial collection points were enabled in the Maturín municipality, which total 11, where the cylinders will be removed by the personnel arranged by Transmonagas to be taken to the main points arranged by the regional Executive at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Corporation of Petroleum (PDVSA-Tipuro) and in Bosmoca, to be recharged and then return to the reception centers to be duly delivered to the applicants.

The authorized points are located in: San Simón parish in the Infocenter of the República del Uruguay School; in Las Cocuizas and the headquarters of the Aeronautical Firefighters; Boquerón: at Hacienda Sarrapial; La Pica: e the main ambulatory; Los Godos at the Bogotá Chávez Vertical Gym, La Cruz at the Casco Central Court; and in Jusepín in the main ambulatory.

They expand covid-19 rooms

To increase the care capacity at the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar (Humnt) University Hospital and Sentinel of Maturín, this Monday Governor Santaella announced that the 4th and 5th floors of this healthcare center were enabled. 

The regional president indicated that patients who were hospitalized in these areas with pathologies other than covid-19, will be transferred to the José Antonio Serres hospital in the Las Cocuizas parish, and others to the Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI).

He also stated that two ambulances belonging to the “José Tadeo Monagas” international airport were directed to the COVID-19 Situation Room that operates in the Detachment of the Integral Defense Operations Zone (Zodi - Monagas).

"I am enabling these units for the transfer of patients with covid-19, in a direct link with Ven911, because sometimes they call me directly and I can solve them," said the governor.

He assured that in the next few hours he will supply oxygen to the hospitals of the municipalities Cedeño (Caicara de Maturín), Bolívar (Caripito), and Ezequiel Zamora (Punta de Mata) to attend the cases of covid-19 that occur in these towns .  



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