A tough hand for those who violate biosecurity measures in La Guaira

The biosecurity inspection day began from the central part of the Maiquetía parish / Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo

Biosecurity measures - and the correct use of the mask - were verified in shops, streets and citizens of La Guaira by the security and prevention bodies of the Guaireño coast. Likewise, moral sanctions and guidelines were applied to more than ten businesses.

"We will be deployed in the main commercial areas of Catia La Mar, Macuto, Maiquetía and Caraballeda, during the radical week of the 7 + 7 Plus Plan, due to the covid-19, where we will provide guidance and apply moral sanctions," said Cristian Medina , a member of the La Guaira Preventive Front.

Medina announced the installation of street awareness classrooms, where citizens who do not wear masks or wear them incorrectly will be referred, as well as community service days. 

The biosafety inspection day began from the central part of the Maiquetía parish. The sanctions and guidelines for the Municipal Market of the parish, non-compliance with disinfection points at the entrance, as well as control of the volume of people in the sector stand out. Also shops selling food and cosmetics, which did not comply with biosecurity measures.

During the day, commercial activity could be observed in sectors not prioritized for the radical week, which were referred to the security forces and judicial authorities, for the application of fines. La Guaira maintains a regulation of commercial activities until 6 pm for the food sector, pharmacies, bakeries, cosmetics and others, as well as public transport until 7 pm, where compliance with social distancing and correct use of the mask will be verified.