65.000 Russians will visit Margarita this year

Photos: @BAERVenezuela

This Thursday, September 16, a direct charter flight Moscow - Porlamar from the Pegas Fly company with 437 tourists arrived at the Santiago Mariño international airport on the island of Margarita, the first of this route that is inaugurated as part of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Tourism for promote the country as a mega-diverse destination.

The Deputy Minister of International Tourism, Leticia Gómez, indicated that in a year the arrival of 65 thousand tourists from Russia is expected, on flights from different cities of this European country. She specified that this operation could be extended for more than 3 years if all the biosafety measures are complied with with the "bubble" method that is being used to prevent the spread of covid-19.

She pointed out that tourists will have an average stay of 10 days, but there are some who will stay even 20 days, since the periodicity of the route allows them. "We will receive a flight of this type every 6 days, in a Boeing 777 that has a capacity for 440 people."

For his part, the political protector of Nueva Esparta, Dante Rivas, highlighted the importance of the arrival of this first flight with Russian tourists for the revival of tourist activity and the economy in general of the island entity.

“Today is an extraordinary day because we are lovingly receiving our Russian tourist brothers. This means a restart of the development of tourist and economic activity. This gives an enhancement to our beautiful island and we are sure that it will be an international and national relaunch of this beautiful destination. We are opening ourselves to the world in the midst of the pandemic with great responsibility, taking care of biosecurity measures, ”said Rivas.

It is expected that the arrival of tourists can have a positive and transversal impact on all those who live in the state, from businessmen in the hotel industry, transporters, entrepreneurs, artisans, empanaderas, among other tour operators of the Margarita Islands, Coche y Cubagua.



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