They deliver 50 homes in the Merida páramo

In the Rangel municipality (Mucuchies) of the Mérida state, 50 four-family homes were delivered by the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (MGVV), this Friday, through a television show hosted by the President of the Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The town planning is called "Virgen del Carmen Los Corrales", which was built mostly by female labor, highlighted the protector of the state and deputy, Jehyson Guzmán.

He added that extreme climatic conditions occur in the Merida páramo, such as the temperature at 8 °. "Despite the record of low temperatures, women fighters and workers forged this urbanism accompanied by some men."

Guzmán reported that despite the economic blockade to the country «the construction materials were received for this urban development and in the same way for the affected families of the Mocotíes Valley axis, we are grateful to you President, the Revolution not only builds a house but also brings happiness "Said the protector of the state.

President Nicolás Maduro pointed out that this urbanism was carried out with the self-construction method. 

He also indicated that it represents the architectural aesthetics of the Revolution with designs that respond to the comfort to be inhabited by the people.



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