5 Monagas hospitals repower for Covid patient care

Add 75 new vacancies for hospitalization

Five hospital centers in the state of Monagas were equipped with supplies and implements to increase the capacity to care for patients infected by Covid-19, as reported by Governor Yelitze Santaella in a radio broadcast from the Governors' Residence in the city of Maturín.

The regional president pointed out that more beds were incorporated in two healthcare centers in the Maturín municipality, such as the José Antonio Serres Hospital and Simón Bolívar Hospital, adding 75 new vacancies for hospitalization.

Governor Santaella indicated that the assistance centers of the municipalities Cedeño, Ezequiel Zamora, and Bolívar were also equipped. 

He added that in the Serres hospital in the Las Cocuizas parish, 12 thousand liters of oxygen are available to patients for 30 intakes, with which he will assign 30 flow meters that he recently acquired.



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