47 Monagas service stations activate to end queues

As of Monday, the 47 service stations have been activated in Monagas state, as part of a new strategy announced by Governor Yelitze Santaella to end the queues for gasoline in this eastern region. 

The regional president explained that in order to improve the fuel distribution process, it was agreed that following the schedule by license plate number terminal, all stations would be activated, since with the previous modality the supply was only offered through groups of gas stations that were selected. per day. 

Santaella indicated that "in view of the fact that there is a regular supply of fuel in the entity, we can activate all the service stations to improve distribution and provide the people with better service," he said.

In this sense, from now on, the people of Monaco, who for approximately a year stood in queues for several days to access the supply, will have the option of refueling their vehicles without having to spend the night at the gas stations. According to the schedule that had been used, for that Monday it corresponds to access the supply to the vehicles by plate number 5 and 6.

Happy people

Álvaro Rodríguez, a resident of the Los Guaritos sector, of the Alto de Los Godos parish of the Maturín municipality, said that this new method of adding all the gas stations to the distribution schedule is an excellent strategy, because the town could no longer bear having to stay for several days to access the service.

Rodríguez said that "we are sure that with this methodology the queues will be put to an end and that was the cry we had, we thank the authorities for finding a solution." 



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