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440 Russian tourists arrive in Margarita on second flight Moscow - Porlamar

Through the direct flight Moscow - Porlamar of the Norwind airline and the operator Pegas Fly, 440 tourists arrived at the Santiago Mariño airport, who were received by the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón.

The holder of the portfolio for Tourism, explained that 667 tourists from the European country have already arrived at the Pearl of the Caribbean. He noted that thanks to the alliances between Russia and Venezuela, two weekly flights are expected, to fulfill 76 flights scheduled until May 2022.

Padrón assured that all biosafety protocols are being complied with to prevent the spread of covid-19. He specified that the tourists were applied the PCR test in Moscow, before leaving and at the Margarita airport they were also carried out.

“We are happy that this operation is developing successfully, coordinated through the Higher Organ of Tourism, together with the service providers, the mayors, the protectorate, all working as a single team to give an excellent welcome to 440 Russians who today they visit us on the island of Margarita ”, stated Padrón.

The tourists who arrived on the first flight have already had the opportunity to know the benefits that the island terroir offers. They visited the beaches of Margarita and Coche, where they have had the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the region and even the dogfish empanadas, and they have visited the main shopping centers where they can make purchases.

Margarita Island was chosen by 90 Russian tour operators who recently visited the country to see its attractions. The Deputy Minister of International Tourism, Leticia Gómez, explained that in the first instance they were shown the island of Margarita, Los Roques and Canaima, due to the ease that these destinations offer to implement the bubble method.

“They chose Margarita because they come looking for the beach and the sun. They were also fascinated with Canaima, it is very possible that in this circuit a full day will be added to Canaima and another to Los Roques, as a first stage, and then expand to other destinations in Venezuela, "said the vice minister.