38 BusTrujillo units repower

The maintenance and recovery work of the 38 units included the acquisition and placement of 30 batteries of 1250 and 1400 amps, as well as 159 tires. Photo: Bus Trujillo

The surface transportation company BusTrujillo rebounded its vehicle fleet with an investment of more than 81 billion bolivars, from the Federal Government Council, the president of this public service company, Darwin Pérez, reported on Wednesday.

He indicated that with these resources 38 transport units were rehabilitated, which will benefit more than 12 thousand Trujillo residents.

“Thanks to the articulation of the regional and national government, it was possible to acquire various supplies such as rubber, batteries, oil, fuel, air and oil filters; preventive maintenance of the units to continue providing the service. There were 80 billion bolivars of investment ”, he explained.

The maintenance and recovery work for the 38 units included the purchase and installation of 30 batteries of 1250 and 1400 amps, as well as 159 tires of various models and sizes.

Pérez added that the Trujillo Bus company offers the service on 25 commercial routes during the weeks of easing of the quarantine; additionally 10 routes are active for transportation service to priority areas such as health, food, public services and security.

“It is the trujillo state transportation flag company and we are mobilizing more than 10 users daily, especially in flexible weeks. In a radical week, we work with the areas of health, food, public service and security ”, he concluded.



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