3.714 vaccinated against covid-19 in Guarenas

Miranda has a good rhythm of attention. Photo: Mayor's Office Plaza

The mass vaccination day against covid-19 that is carried out in the Ambrosio Plaza municipality (Guarenas) of the Miranda state registers 3.714 immunized among older adults and people over 18 years old, from Thursday, June 3 to date, reported the mayor of this town, Luis Figueroa.

He indicated that they apply the vaccines of Chinese and Russian origin in the two established centers, such as the Trapichito National Basic School and the Ambrosio Plaza National Bolivarian School.

Figueroa spoke of his willingness to collaborate with the state to achieve the established immunization goal and that he is in the fight against the pandemic, according to a statement offered in a visit to the Trapichito campus, where he was accompanied by the governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodriguez.

The regional president stressed that Miranda "is one of the states with the best vaccination rate, without major conflicts."

He pointed out that the goal is to vaccinate 2 million inhabitants in six months and that he supervises the 33 existing points in the 31 municipalities, to monitor the fluidity of the process and respect for the methodology.

Rodríguez explained that this is one of the entities with the most cases of covid-19 and with a low mortality rate, due to the care of citizens and the effort made in screening and mass disinfection in sanitary hotels.

He asserted that this is also the state with the highest number of public therapy beds for covid-19, with 1.025. The installation of each one costs 30 thousand dollars, plus 300 dollars for daily maintenance, which forced the stoppage of water, electricity and electricity projects for the communities. "Thanks to that effort we have saved 36 thousand lives," he said.



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