In Táchira, 260 families in the health sector benefit from domestic gas

The initiative will be extended throughout the health system of the entity / Photographs Courtesy of Press Protectorado

More than 260 families including doctors, nurses, orderlies and administrative personnel of the Táchira Oncological Hospital were benefited with the distribution of domestic gas.

This was reported by Freddy Bernal, protector of the state of Táchira, who said that this care is part of a program that will be extended throughout the health system in the entity such as the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security, the Central Hospital of San Cristóbal and the entire health network of the entity.

Bernal stressed that it is of great importance to attend to those who face the pandemic due to covid 19. "We understand that in the midst of this terrible contingency due to Covid it is necessary to attend and support the health sector that works at this time."

Other priorities

Freddy Bernal, protector of the entity, said that "another important priority for us is people with disabilities."

Up to now, some 2500 people with disabilities have been cared for. He made the call "that those who have not been benefited go to the Gas Comunal Táchira office to be registered and included in the gas distribution schedule," he said.



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