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205 Guariqueño families received property and land titles

A total of 205 families were benefited in the first phase of planning for the delivery of property and land titles in San Juan de los Morros, capital of the Guárico state, in order to guarantee the well-being and protection of Guariqueños.

The titles correspond to 50 titles of Single Family Property in Vista Hermosa stage I; 85 in Vista Hermosa stage II and 70 owned by Velas Comunales, which are added to the more than 1.510 certificates delivered between the period 2017-2021 that correspond to the first stage of the government of José Vásquez, as well as the 6.406 titles of land ownership.

The regional president pointed out that this action will be replicated in the 15 municipalities of the llanera entity with the articulation between national entities such as the Ministry of Popular Power for Housing and Habitat as well as the Autonomous Institute of Housing of the state (Iavebg) in regional matters together to the civil registry. 

As a complement, Vásquez announced the approval of resources to improve public services and in turn the quality of life of families.

In this sense, he announced the formation of a Special Commission for Public Services that will watch over this strategic area from this sector in the Guarican capital. Likewise, the acquisition of 300 meters of pipeline for sewage specifically in the street number 6 of the Vista Hermosa sector.

In addition, the project and the start of the drilling work for a deep drinking water well was approved, complementing it with the public lighting project in the sector.