2.400 security officials deployed in Monagas

Security officials will verify the use of masks and other biosafety measures in citizens.

This Wednesday, 2.400 troops were deployed in Monagas state during the citizen security operation that activated the Monagas Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi), to supervise compliance with the radical quarantine during the two weeks to stop the number of infections by covid- 19. 

This was reported by the commander of the Zodi Monagas, General (EjB) Julio Ramón Barrios Torres, from the Area Command number 51 of the Bolivarian National Guard in the city of Maturín, who also indicated that they will maintain a civic-military and police union on the streets of the capital city and in the 12 municipalities to validate that citizens abide by the quarantine.

Barrios Torres, together with the commanders of the security agencies of the Monaguense entity, called on the citizens to stay in their homes and consciously and voluntarily comply with the biosecurity measures to guarantee the health and safety of all the inhabitants of the entity.

He recalled that in these times of pandemic no crowds of any kind should be generated, for which he stressed that concentrations in religious temples, sports activities, gyms, bars, discos are prohibited.

"We must avoid being on the street, the idea is to flatten the contagion curve in cases of covid during these 14 days of radical quarantine announced by the national government," he said.

He mentioned that people who need to go shopping for food, medicine or medical evaluations do not need a pass, emphasizing that they are used as a very exceptional measure.

Finally, he pointed out that officials have instructions to verify the mandatory use of masks.



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