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Negligence is abuse

Childcare neglect is a type of child abuse that is often overlooked in comparison to others, such as sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse.

Neglect by parents or caregivers can manifest itself in various ways and goes unnoticed, despite the negative impact on children's emotional development.

Generally, adults who act negligently have grown up in similar homes, but it also occurs in very young parents with a mental disorder or substance use, regardless of social class.

Lack of supervision is a common form of neglect that exposes children to danger. Many times parents or caregivers do not provide the necessary attention, exposing the child to accidents, abuse from third parties or neglect in feeding and hygiene.

It also includes depriving children of medical care or denying them immunization, endangering their health. Likewise, neglect regarding education, limiting their cognitive and social development.

Neglect in the care of children manifests itself along with other types of domestic violence such as abuse by the partner of the father or mother, or by one of the parents without protective action from the other.

In addition to the immediate damage, neglect and other types of abuse increase the likelihood of the appearance of mental health disorders in adolescence and adulthood, such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, obesity or substance abuse.

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