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XDefiant is ready to add Team Deathmatch mode

Starting June 21, one of the most anticipated modes for Ubisoft's free shooter will finally arrive

Since XDefiant, Ubisoft's free shooter arrived on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 21, it has been well received by the community, despite some minor problems during its launch. However, one of the most frequent requests among players is the inclusion of the Team Deathmach mode.

The community was so insistent that, finally, Ubisoft will add said game mode to XDefiant starting June 21.-

The game includes various 6 vs. modes. 6: Domination and Occupation: Capture control points to achieve victory; Hot Shoot: Similar to Casualty Confirmed, eliminate enemies and collect their “tokens” to win; Zone Control: Attackers push defenders to capture zones in the shortest time possible; Escort: Push a “cart” to an endpoint to win, similar to Overwatch 2 mode.

Despite all these really entertaining game modes, players will finally receive the new mode that will be available indefinitely with matches where they will only have to focus on annihilating their enemy to get a certain number of kills faster than their opponents.

XDefiant Season 1 is Coming

As expected, at Ubisoft Forward we saw what's new that will arrive in the first season of XDefiant that will be available from July 2.

The season will introduce the new GSK faction, which is part of the Rainbow Six universe along with three new free weapons. Additionally, a new map will be added to the game every month, these being Clubhouse, Daytona and Rockefeller; and the new Capture the Flag game mode.

Among other details that were seen very little are the new mastery emblems (prestige) and camouflages as part of season 1 of XDefiant.

On June 1, one day before its official launch, Ubisoft will host the XDebrief, a broadcast on the new XDefiat YouTube channel to give us more details on the game's new weapons, cosmetics, and other features.

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