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XDefiant, Ubisoft's long-awaited free shooter is now available

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC players will be able to download and play it during their preseason

The day finally arrived. After constant delays and much desperation on the part of players, Ubisoft's highly anticipated free-to-play shooter, XDefiant, is finally available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The eagerness of users to finally play the new Ubisoft shooter was so great that during its first hours it suffered constant matchmaking problems, while others suffered constant server crashes with errors such as Delta-01 and Delta-04. However, hours later, the XDefiant team fixed various server-related issues and at the time of writing this article you can play without any problem.

All the content that will come to XDefiant in its first year

XDefiant arrives with its preseason, where players will have access to 14 maps, five modes and 24 weapons (including 44 accessories). Furthermore, it will clearly have its own battle pass which will include a large number of cosmetics, character skins, the MDR as an unlockable weapon, in-game currencies and much more.

When this preseason ends, XDefiant will have a new season every three months, and the four seasons of Year 1 will each add one more faction, three new weapons, and three new maps. Each season will also have a 90-level battle pass, as would have been planned in the roadmap presented in last year's open beta.

XDefiant is finally coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC this month

In celebration of its launch, Ubisoft announced that for six weeks, those who watch XDefiant streams on Twitch will receive different skins and weapon power-ups.

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