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South of Midnight shows its gameplay at the Xbox Games Showcase

The action-adventure game with a unique style will arrive on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass in 2025

A year ago, Compulsion Games left us a little confused and intrigued with the first teaser for South of Midnight, a pure stop-motion style game set in places like the Louisiana swamps. Now, during this year's Xbox Games Showcase, we finally learned a little more about this title that will arrive sometime in 2025 on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass.

The footage reintroduces us to Hazel, the game's protagonist at one point in the story, while she is accompanied by a character who will follow her throughout the game, the loquacious Catfish. After a Category 5 hurricane, Hazel lost her mother, but she gained powers from her such as a magical ability that allows her to rework the tapestry of energy that makes up the universe.

In an interview in the official Xbox Wire blog, South of Midnight creative director David Sears explained that the game's main theme is to repair a recently darkened world and help the people trapped in it.

“From top to bottom, that's the message behind Hazel, her combat design, her powers,” Sears said. “It's all a metaphor for weaving: weavers are supposed to fix things and do good in the world.”

“She's literally repairing the tapestry, and with the creatures, including the Haints, we spent a good amount of time making sure it was clear that when you attack or interact, you do it in a non-lethal but aggressive way. You do it because you are helping, removing the weight of all this trauma.”

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