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Crash Team Rumble Impressions

The new Crash Bandicoot multiplayer title is shown with a fun and dynamic gameplay

The new Crash Bandicoot multiplayer team battle game arrived with its closed beta to make itself known and left interesting impressions.

The most beloved marsupial in videogames has a significant number of spin-off titles with multiplayer possibilities on his resume, some better than others, but with several attempts to make a splash with the public.

At the time, there were proposals such as Crash Bash, with a theme very similar to that seen in Mario Party. Then we can mention Crash Boom Bang!, an indirect sequel to the aforementioned and little known, perhaps because of its exclusivity with Nintendo DS. Of course, it's impossible to forget Crash Team Racing, both the original and its remake, both titles with a Mario Kart-style formula and which could easily be Crash's most famous spin-off.

Now the new bet is Crash Team Rumble, developed by the Californian studio Toys for Bob, who were in charge of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's AboutTime.

After its announcement at The Game Awards 2022 ceremony, this new game caught the attention of everyone present and other Internet users, with a visual that overflows with the usual charisma of the Crash Bandicoot universe, but also with more doubts. What answers, because of how this multiplayer could be.

Thanks to the arrival of the closed beta, we can exclusively tell our experience.

The impressions of what it is and how Crash Team Rumble is played

One of the biggest doubts in the community is what game format this new Crash title would have, despite knowing that it is multiplayer.

In Crash Team Rumble, the characters of the franchise, heroes and villains, come together to have team fights of 4 versus 4, and the premise to win is very simple, collect enough "Wumpa" fruit (iconic of the game) to take the win. The idea may seem simple enough, and it really is, but the point is more in the “how” than the “what”.

To be victorious and get enough fruit, the eight players settle on a map that will have the same distributed, but also other elements, such as keys, power-ups and platforms that offer a series of abilities to the characters, or also affect the map.

All of these items will benefit your team and/or affect the opposite when collecting the Wumpa no Mi, which must also be shot onto a team platform, similar to what is seen in Pokémon Unite.

Each map has a length of terrain, with a different arrangement of elements of interest and very particular themes. Also, for this beta three maps were offered, one small, one medium and one larger; each with their respective characteristics.

The gameplay of Crash Team Rumble characters

At the time of making these impressions, the closed beta of this game offers five characters, of which two must be unlocked.

The base characters that can be chosen from the start are Crash, Coco, Dingodile, while Vortex and Tawna must be unlocked. Each character has its own characteristics and set of movements, in addition to being focused on fulfilling a role, which are divided into scorers, support, and defense.

Crash is a scorer, he is agile enough to collect fruit and carry it effectively. Coco is support, she plays a support role to allies to obtain resources and also give them mobility. And Dingodile is defense, so he is a tankier character and has moves that hinder opponents. Each character requires a study to use it effectively and fulfill the role of it, although all can do everything, it will be noticed that they are more effective if they are used for what they are made for.

During the first game, the user is taken to a tutorial to learn both the mechanics of the game and how the maps work. It's easy to understand, but being a good player for the team will be another challenge.

And to the latter we must add that it will be a game where voice communication is extremely important, otherwise the games lend themselves to teams handling themselves very badly when achieving the objectives to win the game. The title has a button to make signals, but as always, this type of addition will never be enough compared to being able to speak directly with your teammates.

The impressions of the technical section and connectivity

Crash Team Rumble looks very good, with all the sympathy that this saga that overflows with color and an already recognizable artistic style has accustomed us to.

We tested the Xbox version on a Series S and the game flows like silk, with a stable 60 fps and without any type of error that ruins the gaming experience.

Special mention to the modeling of the characters, the five that the closed beta brought look great, with a lot of life and charisma.

As for connectivity, even without having high-speed Internet, we were able to play several games without any problem where we didn't even feel a bit of lag, all of them flowed very well, with stable connectivity that didn't show expulsions from the game either. or unstable servers. For a closed beta, the impressions in terms of connection are very positive.


It's a lot of fun but... Will it last over time?

Undeniably, the aforementioned elements and the base of Crash Team Rumble make it a fun title that will allow users to spend quality hours.

However, despite everything it offers and what it aspires to, many free to play games have nothing to envy Crash Team Rumble, which we must remember, will be a paid game.

The game is fun, but looking at its style, elements, and gameplay, the title feels like it walks a fine line with monotony. Each game is an experience, but the margin of surprise is reduced by repeating the same maps several times.

Obviously with its launch on June 20, more characters, maps and items will arrive. Likewise, the game has a battle pass that will allow you to unlock aesthetic elements, avatars, titles and even music from the original soundtrack of the Crash titles.

But it will be up to Toys for Bob to keep his game alive with additions, updates and more content that allows him to trend alongside other multiplayer juggernauts that will always be around, especially when they are free to play.


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