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Microsoft announces three new versions of the Xbox Series

The new versions will arrive at the end of this year with the same speed and performance, with more storage and in digital format

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Microsoft surprised fans with the announcement of three new models of the Xbox Series and performance of the Xbox Series X|S family, but with key differences in storage and digital format.

The white 1TB discless console will launch this holiday season, alongside a white 1TB Series S and a special edition 2TB 'Galaxy Black' Series X with disc tray.

Experience the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever created with Xbox Series reads the official Xbox description.

“Also meet the all-digital Series X, now in Robot White with a 1TB SSD. “Immerse yourself in sharper characters, brighter worlds and impossible details with lifelike 4K gaming and sensationally smooth frame rates of up to 120 FPS with the visual pop of DirectX ray tracing.”

“Experience the best value in gaming with Series S, now with a 1TB SSD in Robot White. Make the most of every minute of gameplay with Quick Resume, ultra-fast loading times, and up to 120 FPS gameplay.”

How much will the new Xbox Series consoles cost?

The special edition Galaxy Black Xbox Series X, which comes with a 2TB SSD instead of the typical 1TB, will cost $599.99. According to Xbox, it “features a silver, gray and green celestial effect that represents thousands of games and millions of players playing on Xbox.” While the white 1TB Xbox Series S will cost $349.99 and the new 1TB Xbox Series X/S digital edition will cost $449.99.

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