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The new season of Fortnite: Rampage is now available

With the return of the post-apocalyptic theme, players will be able to unlock the T-60 power armor from Falllout in the battle pass

The long-awaited new season of Fortnite Battle Royale is here, bringing with it new cars full of nitro along with the arrival of the T-60 Power Armors within the battle pass, while you cool off with a Nuka-Cola to achieve your first victory in Chapter 5, Third Season: Wildness.

After the sandstorm that devastated the island, the chaos mechanics known as the “Wasteland Warriors” have taken control and made a new home for themselves. This band of marauders brings a whole new concept to the ruthless crew: each of them is an automotive expert who will put down any rebellion.

Among the highlights coming to this new season of Fortnite are:
  • Explore the Wasteland: In the new wasteland biome, The Maquinista runs the Radical Refinery; Scarr, master of ceremonies, directs the automobile circus: the Nitródrome; and Megalo Don runs his base of operations, Brutal Ship. Find nitro boost or barrels of nitro sent from the Radical Refinery to give your car or yourself a boost of speed, power, and more as you traverse the wasteland.
  • Modify your car: Vehicle mods are back, the cowcatcher and all-terrain tires are out of the vault along with four new mods. Additionally, off-road vehicles can now be equipped on the island, so give the Behemoth body a spin! For a more striking trip, take a War Bus from the Island patrollers.
  • Defeat the warriors: Eliminate a Wasteland Warrior to earn his vehicle modified with unlimited Nitro, his mythic weapon and his medallion, which comes with perks! The Machinist's Combat Assault Rifle, Ringmaster Scarr's Explosive Crossbow, Megalo Don's Nitro Fists, and other rewards are available if you manage to defeat them.
  • Unbridled Battle Pass: Unlock rewards in Fortnite by earning XP throughout the ecosystem. Purchasing the Battle Pass will automatically unlock The Machinist, and progression will unlock other Wastelanders, T-60 Power Armor, and more. Later in the season, players will be able to unlock the Wasteland Magneto outfit.

This season's battle pass will be available until August 16.

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