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The Finals is not meeting its publisher's expectations

In Nexon's latest financial report, the negative results of Embark Studios' free shooter were announced

Embark Studios released The Finals, a highly scene-destroying first-person shooter, in December of last year under Nexon publishing. The game had a triumphant debut, reaching a peak of almost 250 thousand simultaneous users on Steam.

However, just a few months after its launch, it seems to have lost its initial momentum and is not performing as expected.

Through Insiders Gaming, it was announced that, despite being considered an “important pillar of the franchise” for Nexon, publishers of the game, and great expectations arose after a successful launch window, but in the company's most recent financial update, it was confirmed in numerous times that The Finals is not achieving its expected goals and that work is being done to find out why this is happening.

“The launch of Season 2 in March generated a short-lived increase in player metrics, but resulted in lower-than-expected retention and revenue. “The Embark team is working with our Korea-based Live Operations team to understand and address key issues,” he said. Nexon.

On the other hand, Nexon admitted that the strong results of other titles in its portfolio were “partially offset” by the shortfall of The Finals. Ultimately, The Final's failure to meet expectations meant that the publisher reported lower revenue than it originally intended, despite reporting growth at MapleStory and the success of Indie Game of the Year nominee Dave the Diver.

What will happen to The Finals after knowing this?

Predicting what will happen with Embark Studios and The Finals is no easy task. Given the current state of the video game industry, it would be easier to expect that Nexon would want to redirect its investment, but the reality is that its financial report was not entirely negative.

The free nature of the game was always intended to attract a large audience, allowing MAUs (Monthly Active Users) to increase, and even despite initial problems caused by hackers during its launch.

This means that Nexon will still continue to bet on The Finals, a title that awaits the arrival of its third season in June.

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