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The classic version of Habbo Hotel will return with a lot of nostalgia

With Habbo Hotel Origins you can return to the 2005 version of the iconic online community this June 18

If you were born shortly before the 2000s, you'll probably know Habbo Hotel, a browser-based online social simulator that remains active to this day now for mobile devices and with its own desktop app, despite not having with the same number of users as it had during its first ten years.

Now, almost 20 years after that moment, Sulake, developers of the now called “metaverse”, have announced that they will bring back the 2005 version of the game, titled “Habbo Hotel Origins” and will arrive this June 18.

Via the game blog, mentioned that after finding an old server with some long-lost files earlier this year, game developer Macklebee has been working for the past six months to bring back the old version of Habbo Hotel released in 2005.

“After a lot of hard work by Macklebee and the team, we are now ready to take you back in time to the roots of Habbo. Tomorrow we will open the doors of Habbo Hotel Origins: an iconic version of an iconic game with a fresh, community-led approach,” the blog reads.

Those who want to have an overdose of nostalgia can access this version from their website, which will be shared on June 18. Registration will require an email and password, and to log in you will need to enter a unique code that will be sent to your registration email.

Habbo Hotel Origins will be community-led

Habbo Hotel Origins will have three hotels in different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Avatar names are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and will be exclusive to those over 18, so it has less strict automatic moderation than Habbo.

The blog also mentions that they hope to keep the simplicity and charm of the first version of Habbo to preserve and protect them, so they will be careful about what content is added and when it is added.

And because of this, users will be even more vital. Being community-led, the InfoBus Park is also back to become a kind of democratic forum where important questions about the development and direction of Habbo will be asked. They will be able to vote on these issues and the result will be binding.

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