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Skyline Valley, the Fallout 76 expansion already has an arrival date

Starting this June 12, Bethesda multiplayer players will explore the first expansion of the Appalachia map

Of course, after the success of the Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, Bethesda would continue bringing new content to Fallout 76. The post-apocalyptic multiplayer that is more alive than ever will have a new major expansion called 'Skyline Valley', this June 12.

This free update for players on all platforms will expand the game's map to southern Shenandoah for the first time, where players will investigate the source of a lightning storm ravaging the region and uncover the mysteries surrounding Vault 63 and its inhabitants. dwellers, as well as the electrifying new ghoul variant: the Lost.

In this new expansion, players will learn the secrets hidden in the real location of Vault 63, to learn about the Lost, electric ghouls that inhabit said refuge, their enigmatic supervisor, Hugo Stolz. And if that were not enough, it will also include an unprecedented public event, and face the new region bosses, a trio of giant brainbots only suitable for the most intrepid.

Meet the new Fallout 76 roadmap

As if that were not enough, Bethesda has revealed the new roadmap for the game with all the content that will arrive from June 12 with season 17 until September to start the next season.

  • June: Skyline Valley Update and Season 17
    • From June 12 to July 1, players can look forward to events such as Double Mutations, Legendary Vendor Deals, Double SCORE Weekend, the Fasnacht Event to End Double Mutations, and Cryptocurrency Surplus.
  • July: Scorched Holiday
    • From July 4 to July 29, players can expect double XP events, double cap drops, double mutations, and more.
  • August: Pioneer Scout Wilderness Challenge
    • From August 1 to September 2, players will have new seasonal events such as Scout Pioneer's unexplored lands challenge and others already known as the Mothman Equinox, new treasure hunts and double mutations, double SCORE, weekend Gold Rush and a special event during Quake Con.
  • September: New update and season 18
    • The last month of the season will have a series of events from September 5 to 30 with familiar events such as Double Mutations and Legendary Seller Sale, Double SCORE Weekend, Double Mutations and more. However, as with the last roadmap, it gives a small glimpse into the subject of the next big update, this being none other than the Enclave.

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