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Until Dawn could arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC soon

Renowned leaker assures that they could soon announce an updated version of the horror game released in 2015

The always reliable dataminer Car-only, has mentioned through the Dealabs site that Sony Interactive Entertainment would be about to announce an updated version of the 2015 horror game for PlayStation 5 and PC within the next 15 days.

Until Dawn is an interactive horror game in which eight friends fight to survive after returning to an isolated mountain lodge where two members of their group disappeared a year earlier.

Starring Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, it features a branching narrative in which the player's choices determine the fate of the characters, all of whom can live or die.

The leaker in this case also mentioned the full name of the Death Stranding sequel last Tuesday, stating that the PlayStation 5 exclusive will be called 'Death Stranding 2 – On The Beach' and that a new reveal of the title is also imminent.

It is important to mention that Sony has not made any official announcement in this regard. The team has contacted PlayStation for more details.

An Until Dawn movie is on the way

The middle Hollywood Reporter announced that filmmaker David F. Sandberg would return to his horror film roots alongside Gary Dauberman for the next PlayStation Productions feature film, being nothing more and nothing less than a live action Until Dawn.

According to the outlet, Helmer has signed a deal to direct Until Dawn, an adaptation of the PlayStation horror video game made by Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions.

Although Until Dawn is categorized as an interactive game, those in charge of the film's production describe it as “an R-rated love letter to the horror genre.”

At the moment the actors who will be part of the cast are unknown.

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