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Sony works on its own free mobile games platform

PlayStation's parent company is looking for software engineers to work on this new project

It is no secret to anyone that mobile platforms have been a gold mine in the video game industry for a few years. This has motivated many companies to invest in related projects to try to take a portion of the market that the Chinese conglomerate Tencent is the king at the time of writing this article.

Just this month, the president of Xbox confirmed that They are working on their own store for iOS and Android, and now it seems that Sony is also planning to do the same.

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through the middle TweakTown, it was announced that Sony has published a new job offer for a 'Platform Architect  '.

According to the listing, the position, which will report to PlayStation Studios' mobile department, will involve hiring "an experienced software engineer to design the PlayStation platform for developing, publishing and operating free-to-play mobile games."

It adds: “A person in this role will lead the design and implementation of this platform, work in partnership with internal teams to connect mobile games to PlayStation services, and ensure that all mobile games meet PlayStation quality standards.”

The successful applicant, who will have more than eight years of professional experience in the mobile gaming industry, will “design the system architecture and backend services for the mobile gaming platform” and “establish channels and processes to facilitate delivery of high-quality software”, among other roles.

Sony and PlayStation prepare to enter the mobile market

For some time now, the Japanese company has acquired experienced personnel such as talents from Apple, Kabam, Meta, Tencent, Super Evil Megacorp, Samsung, Niantic, Zynga, Riot and more despite having lost Michail Katkoff (who worked at Rovio and Zynga) and Nicola Sebastini (who previously ran Apple Arcade) as heads of its mobile division.

There is no doubt that this is a somewhat late race in which it will compete in parallel with Microsoft and its Xbox store, and achieve a space dominated by Apple with the Apple Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android.

At the moment there is not much information about Sony's own titles aimed at the mobile market, despite having personnel for it. Only time will tell what the company's next step in this market will be.

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