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Marvel's Midnight Suns is the new free game on the Epic Games Store

The game from the creators of XCOM based on Marvel Comics characters will be free until June 13

Week after week, the Epic Games Store has offered free games since its launch in 2018. Just this week they revealed their latest mystery game of this season, being none other than Marvel's Midnight Suns, the turn-based game developed by Firaxis Games until be replaced by Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and Redout 2 next week.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is the ultimate crossover event, combining the rich story, character relationships, customization and progression of an RPG with the tactical strategy and combat mechanics of a revolutionary new card-based tactics game. .

Set in the darkest side of the Marvel Universe, you will forge unbreakable bonds with legendary Marvel superheroes and dangerous supernatural warriors in the fight against the world's greatest threat yet… the demonic forces of Lilith and the elder god Chthon.

From the creators of the critically acclaimed XCOM tactical series comes an engaging, deeply customizable card-based battle system that rewards clever thinking with superhero flair. Deploy a squad of superheroes on turn-based tactical missions to thwart the forces of evil.

Use your environment, move around the battlefield lining up the perfect shot or combo, then unleash devastating hero abilities to gain the advantage in each epic encounter.Combat leverages the best elements of tactical games and card-based combat in one experience. Truly unique and exciting.

How to download free games like Marvel's Midnight Suns on the Epic Games Store:

  1. Access the game from the Epic Games Store through this link.
  2. Click the "Get" button.
  3. Wait for the order to load.
  4. Finish by clicking the "Place Order" button.

The games will be in your library to download and enjoy whenever you want. Remember that you must have a registered account on the Epic Games Store to claim the game.

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