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We already have a trailer for Shattered Space, the first Starfield DLC

The expansion will take the player to venture to a previously unknown planet when it launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC this year

One of the most anticipated things during the Xbox Games Showcase This year, Bethesda finally gave new details about Shattered Space, the first Starfield expansion after its launch in September of last year. The expansion, which still has no release date, will allow the player to travel to the planet of House Va'ruun and learn its mysteries.

The player will have to find out about the mysterious power that awakens in the city of Dazra, the capital of the hidden planet that House Va'ruun considers its home. Shattered Space will further expand the game's main story with a new planet, new weapons, space suits and all kinds of unique equipment in this new space adventure.

Additionally, Bethesda also announced the June update for Starfield, which is available NOW on both Xbox Series Alliance, melee weapon upgrades, and more.

Official mod support finally coming to Starfield

The modder community stands out for extending the useful life of games. They do this by creating new content for free for your favorite games. Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and other Bethesda titles are known for the large number of mods available, all created by the community. Starfield was not exempt from this, as even since its release, some modders developed performance improvements to the game and whatnot.

Now, “creations” finally include official mod support for Starfield. Players can download the Creation Kit for free and get to work. Any member of the community can upload their mods to the Creations menu. Players will also find creations from Bethesda Game Studios, as well as others from verified creators. 

From the May update for Bethesda's space RPG, brought with it a good number of new features, but the most interesting are the quality of life improvements such as the implementation of city maps, customization inside ships, 60 FPS on Xbox and more.

As if that were not enough, Bethesda also confirmed at the time that they are working on vehicles like space Robbers to move from one place to another on the surface of planets.

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