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Microsoft will stop providing technical support for Windows 10

The company assured that the operating system has already met its useful life cycle and urged users to migrate to Windows 11

Microsoft reported through its official website, which would stop supporting previous versions. Windows 10 users will be able to continue using computers with the operating system, but the company recommends updating to its latest software, Windows 11.

Starting October 14, 2025, Microsoft will stop providing security and security support for Windows 10 22H2. Which was the last version of this Software released in October 2022.

Microsoft assures that this is because the end of life of this operating system has already arrived and that therefore they will stop making technical support updates and security fixes to urge users to update to the new Microsoft operating system.

“While your Windows 10 PC may continue to function, you may also be at greater risk of being affected by malware viruses when our support ends,” Microsoft says in the statement.

“We recommend users transition to a version of Windows 11 that is still supported. You should verify that your current device can run the software, so we can make the transition easier and give you a better experience.”

“If your PC meets the minimum system requirements and can be updated, you should see an option in the Windows Update section to update from 10 to 11 with its respective version, be it Widows Home or Windows Pro,” he concluded.

If you have the latest version of Windows 10 you will still have the Software and Defender updates to keep your computer protected. Once the period ends, the PC with this software will no longer be protected from errors, bugs and malware in the system.

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