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Four new classics join Nintendo Switch Online

Offering retro single-player adventures for Zelda, Metroid and Turok along with online for Four Swords and Perfect Dark on Nintendo Switch

El June Nintendo Direct It brought a lot of news with it, although the surprises do not stop coming. Users who pay for the Nintendo Switch online mode along with the expansion pack will be able to enjoy games from the Zelda, Turok and 'Metroid saga. Plus online multiplayer for 'TLOZ Four Swords' and 'Perfect Dark'

Successful Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 titles were the protagonists announced for the classic libraries of the Nintendo Switch online mode. Let's remember that in the Nintendo Direct, classic games are also announced. As an extra addition for players to pay for the online mode with the expansion of the classic library.

A library with a variety of titles that stand out for the possibility of being played with the portability and comfortable emulation of a Nintendo Switch. Along with the addition of online mode for some multiplayer games of the time.

Among the games announced are: from the GBA console The Legend of Zelda 'A Link to the Past and Four Swords' and 'Metroid Zero Mission'; And on N64 'Turok 2' and 'Perfect Dark' will be available.

All of those mentioned have dedicated single-player experiences. With the exception of Four Swords and Perfect Dark, which will have the possibility of inviting friends through the Nintendo Switch online.

There is no doubt that these last 2 will be a resounding success, since players who are fans of these classics have been asking for some time now that they be added to the catalog. Especially after they revealed the virtual library for these consoles respectively.

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