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Mario Party will return with a new installment for Switch in October

With more than 110 minigames, the new installment of this saga, 'Super Mario Party Jamboree' will arrive on Switch on October 17

The June Nintendo Direct left a lot of surprises for fans of the big N, among those surprises is a new sequel of Mario Party announced for this year. This is Super Mario Party Jamboree and it will arrive on Switch on October 17.

This is the third installment of the Mario Party saga that is announced for Nintendo Switch. With a lot of multiplayer modes and extra functionalities compatible with the Joy-Con sensors.

It is important to note that the Joy-con functionalities in certain mini-games cannot always be used. These functions cannot be used in online modes, on Switch Lite consoles and on 'Switch Pro' controls.

With the release of this Mario Party it is confirmed that Nintendo has been releasing a new game for Switch every 3 years, so it is doubtful that we will have a new installment in the near future.

What's new about this new Mario Party?

The game will have 7 boards available to players, 5 new ones from this installment and 2 more brought from the first installments of the Nintendo 64. According to the Nintendo Direct this could be the best and biggest game in the saga.

The online game will have local game modes and an extra one where more than 20 players can compete, looking for who can stand out over a lot of group challenges.

Nintendo didn't delve into too much information beyond what was shown in the trailer. Players are waiting for plenty more surprises to discover while enjoying the experience of this amazing friendly multiplayer game.

“Get ready for a party like no other in Super Mario Party Jamboree for Nintendo Switch. From running through carousels to playing minigolf with motion controls. You will have an incredible time with more than 110 minigames, the largest number to date in an installment of the Mario Party saga!

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