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Modern Warfare 3: Find out everything that will arrive in Season 4

Starting May 29, players of Activision's shooter will have new weapons, modes, a special event with Gundam and much more

As always with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Activision has revealed the new content coming for Season 4, bringing with it new maps, weapons and multiplayer modes, as well as a new collaborative event with the iconic Gundams.

All this and more will be available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 starting at 12 pm Venezuela time.


The four new weapons that will arrive for this season are: the Superi 46 SMG, Kar98k Marksman Rifle, Reclaimer 18 Shotgun and the sledgehammer as a melee weapon. The Superi 46 is a new SMG that features accuracy and recoil control, while players will remember the Kar98k as the rifle that dominated the early days of Warzone.

The Reclaimer 18 is actually the SPAS-12, a go-to shotgun in the original MW2, and the sledgehammer is a heavy-hitting melee weapon that likely won't serve any purpose within the game's current meta due to its awkward mobility.


Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 brings three new maps that are not remakes or removed areas from Warzone, as well as a Vortex variant of Das Haus:

  • Tokyo (release)
  • Paris (release)
  • Incle (mid season)
  • Das Gross (half season)

Tokyo and Paris are new 6v6 maps set in the titular cities. While you might expect the Paris map to crossover with the Resistance from the original MW3, this map appears to be a new original design. Incline, arriving in the Season 4 Reloaded update, is set on a snowy slope in Urzikstan. It looks quite similar to Vanguard's Gondola map, but is described as new.


Demolition returns in MW4 Season 3 along with a pair of brand new modes:

  • Demolition (Launch)
  • Hyper Cranked (Release)
  • Havoc (mid-season)
  • Headshots only (mid-season)
  • All game modes (launch, season)

Hyper Cranked is a new version of Cranked where, instead of having to kill to start the countdown and receive your bonuses, you will appear with everything already active. You'll have to run straight into the action or you won't even have a chance to fight.

Havoc and Headshots only arrive in the Season 4 Reloaded update. Havoc returns from 2's Modern Warfare 2022 and adds random modifiers to a Team Deathmatch match. And only headshots, well… only headshots. Additionally, a new version of Get High will arrive later in season 4.

New Perks and Streaks arrive in Modern Warfare 3 for this new season

Two new perks and four new killstreaks are coming to MW4 Season 3:

  • Mission Control Vest
  • Compression plate equipment
  • Intelligent ammunition systems
  • Loitering Ammo Killstreak
  • Streak of missile drones
  • DNA bomb death streak

The Mission Control Vest is essentially Hardline, allowing you to gain Killstreaks with fewer kills, and the Compression buff works just like Quick Fix, allowing you to start regaining health immediately after a kill or while capturing objectives.

The IMS Killstreak is essentially a more powerful Bouncing Betty, shooting an explosive into the air that, according to the developers, “then locks on to its target and propels it toward them” when activated.

Loitering Munition will hover over a selected area and target the area with the most enemies when activated, and the Missile Drone is simply a pilotable drone that will fire guided missiles.

Finally, the DNA bomb returns from Advanced Warfare. Although the number of deaths has not been confirmed, reaching that number without dying will allow you to eliminate all players on the other team but, unlike the MGB Nuke, it will not actually end the game.


Finally, and in case you thought Activision had forgotten about zombies mode, they are adding a new 'Unstable Rift' for the mid-season update, which appears to be a modified version of an existing rift, which will take you to a new area where you will have to fight against a huge horde.

Call of Duty x Gundam Event

Continuing the trend of collaborating with other popular culture franchises, Activision has finally confirmed its crossover with Gundam Legends

Inspired by the towering mecha that have captured the imagination of Gundam fans for generations, new operator skins based on the iconic Mobile Suit come to CoD. Soon, in-game battles will feature operator skins, weapon blueprints, finishing moves and more inspired by fan-favorite Mobile Suits: The RX-78-2 Gundam with its RX-78-2 Beam Rifle and Shield ; Char's MS-06S Zaku II and its devastating Heat Falcon, and the XVX-016 Aerial Gundam with its powerful Aerial Reconstruction Beam Rifle.

Mobile Suit Gundam Legends packs will begin deploying to the front lines this June for a limited time. But since Gundam is for everyone, for the duration of the event, all Modern Warfare 3, Warzone and Warzone Mobile players will have a number of progression rewards at their disposal, such as a Gundam-themed weapon blueprint, a weapon camo, skins , stickers, emblems, weapon charms and calling cards.

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