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Fallout 76 takes a look at its next expansion: Skyline Valley

A new location within the main map will arrive along with a new vault, missions, cosmetics and much more

The last Fallout 76 update arrived in March along with its roadmap for the following months, where Bethesda told us the arrival of the Skyline Valley update and season 17 for the month of June, and just now the developers of the multiplayer that has increased in recurring users have given a first look at what's coming in their next big update.

Skyline Valley is presented as a new expansion within the main map of Appalachia for users to explore. Players who have access to the Fallout 76 public test server were able to see some of the changes coming with the update.

As you can see in the video, the new developer preview is relatively short and sweet. Fallout 76 creative director Jonathan Rush guides players through some locations inspired by real-world locations, such as Mary's Rock Tunnel, the presidential cabins at Rapidan Camp, and Skyline Drive. Rush also says that this new content will be available to all players, meaning you won't necessarily need to level up before braving the wilds of Skyline Valley.

A new series of missions is coming to Fallout 76

There is also a thunderstorm over the entire region. If players make their way to the center, they will find Vault 63. Ghouls inhabit this new Vault, under the leadership of Hugo Stoltz, one of the last ghouls known as "The Lost." Rush also revealed to players a trio of new brain robots called “Storm Goliaths,” which players can take on if someone detonates a nuclear bomb in a specific area of ​​the new map zones.

As if that were not enough, it will also add a new public event “Dangerous Hobbies”, where players will have to band together to face large waves of The Lost's.

At the moment, its developers did not offer a specific release window for the arrival of Skyline Valley to Fallout 76. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is scheduled to arrive in June according to its roadmap, but it is not ruled out that it may suffer some type of delay and even be divided into two parts as has happened with previous expansions.

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