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Mechanophagia, the Venezuelan game already has its free demo on Steam

With Apamate Studio, the brothers Wilmar and Wilderman Niño prepare for the official launch of their first video game

The development of video games in Venezuela surprises many, since since the rise of this industry it is not very common to find a title developed in the country. However, just because it is not common does not mean that there are no Venezuelans interested in venturing into video game development, with national talent working in large international companies, as independent developers still present in the country.

In this case, we have Apamate Studio, an independent video game studio from the brothers Wilmar and Wilderman Niño, which seeks to enter the video game industry with Mechanophagia, its first video game.

But... What is Mechanophagia about?

According to its developers, Mechanophagia is a bullet hell with roguelite elements where you will play as Tetsuo, a brave robot who must defend his city from the attack of an alien race known as mechanophages that eat machines.

“Born of flesh in a world dominated by metal, mechanophages are beings of flesh and blood who decided to abandon their carnivorous nature and consume machines to transcend the natural limits of their bodies,” reads game description on steam.

“Since food was scarce in their environment and nuclear energy was abundant, they saw in machines a tempting possibility to obtain the energy necessary to survive. A forced symbiosis with different machines gave them the ability to metabolize nuclear energy, but in the midst of the frenzy they destroyed their own means of production. Now they roam the galaxy looking for synthetic life forms that have advanced enough in the production of nuclear fusion energy to feed on them.”

Wilmar and Wilderman Niño, the Venezuelans behind this project

“In Venezuela the video game industry is very small, almost non-existent. There are some isolated cases of video games developed by Venezuelans, but many of them live in other countries. We see in video games an industry that could be very successful in Venezuela and that has not yet been taken advantage of,” say the Niño brothers, who come from the artistic world of audiovisuals and animation.

Wilderman Niño (left) and Wilmar Niño (right)

They comment that those who venture into independent video game development usually come from the world of programming, and not art, which gives Mechanophagia not only technical functionality, but also aesthetic criteria that point to a comprehensive player experience.

The boy brothers also mention that the world of Mechanophagia was born from the idea of ​​grotesque beings that feed on machines. “Tetsuo: The Iron Man” his most direct inspiration, imagining it as something totally opposite; Instead of the machine that consumes the meat, the meat that consumes the machine.

“Another great inspiration was Akira, its neon city and mainly that scene in which power consumes Tetsuo and he becomes a grotesque mass of flesh and cables. “We want to bring some elements of body horror seen from the perspective of a robot, and thus achieve an aesthetic that is captivating as well as a little distressing.”

You can now play it totally free!

Mechanophagia has a public beta for Android devices on the PlayStore and its free demo for PC via Steam. Be sure to download both versions, add the game to your Steam wishlist, and leave a review on the PlayStore so the studio can receive feedback on your gaming experience.

You can follow Apamate Studio through their social networks such as Instagram y Twitter/X to receive more information. If you want to keep up to date with the Mechanophagia development diary, subscribe to the Wilmar Niño's YouTube channel.

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