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LGAplay exceeds expectations during its first in-person final of 2024

The first split of the year in the Venezuelan Valorant and League of Legends leagues crowned new teams

On Saturday, May 25, the finals of the Venezuelan LoL and Valorant league were held at the Cinex facilities of the CC Tolón Fashion Mall. An event organized by lgaplay which gave the community the perfect opportunity to enjoy Esports in Venezuela.

LGAplay exceeds expectations during its first in-person final of 2024

The free invitation presented Esports fans with a single movie theater where both finals were broadcast. Presenting all the teams by Casters's dedicated and recognized in the community during the prelude and the development of the confrontation, which had a few short breaks between games.

Games that, by the way, were totally heart-stopping and fascinated the fans in both games. In the room you could feel a competitive atmosphere from both teams and their fans. I can assure you that all the people involved were living the experience to the fullest.

Spiritual Rift Series (LoL) Final

Rift summoning fans were able to watch some frenetic clashes between Raijin Raidens and Colnetwork Esports. The latter took the overwhelming victory and shared their victory with the community.

“I think it is an incredible achievement for the team, considering that it is relatively new and that we have only been participating in this type of competition for a year.” The Colnetworks Esports representative confirmed to us.

LGAplay exceeds expectations during its first in-person final of 2024
ColNetwork Players | Photo courtesy LGAplay

“For us it is very valuable to represent the Venezuelan LoL league and our plan now is to go to the Northern Regional League to test the Level.” One of the Colnetwork team players told us.

This victory does not mean that Raijin Raidens did not enjoy the event, despite the defeat the team had a good feeling about the event in general and the community.

“We are a team that uses the finals a lot, we have seen several leagues grow together with other teams and the truth is that this time it was impressive to see the room full and the fans cheering for the team.” Raijin Raidens' representative, Sam Flynn, told us.

The Venezuelan LoL League ended 2 – 0 in favor of Colnetworks. Fans were able to enjoy 2 compelling games narrated and broadcast for both the in-person audience and the audience on Twitch.

Spike Pro League Final (Valorant)

The followers of the experienced agents were able to see a close final by Fusion Venezuela against Lightning Esports. And even though Fusion were the favorites, Lightning managed to take a well-deserved victory after some exciting games.

“It feels phenomenal and I still can't believe we have achieved our goal... We are more than satisfied with the result and we are aware that we have to work hard to live up to the title we have earned.” The Co-Owner of Lighting Esports, Carlos Troconis, explained to us.

“Above all, taking into account humility, ethics and commitment ahead. We are proud to represent Venezuela and be part of the competitive scene. Not only here, since at an international level we have tested ground and we are waiting for opportunities to be finalized for the Rooster.” The Co-Owner of Lighting ended.

LGAplay exceeds expectations during its first in-person final of 2024
Lighting Esports Players | Photo courtesy LGAplay

Fusion Venezuela did not provide any statements to the team during or after the final.

Participation of representatives within the Esports community

During the event, content creators unrelated to the production of the event and invited cosplayers played with the community between the preludes and the rest moments. These people told us about their connection to the Esports community and invited fans and fans to be part of these incredible events.

“Attending these events is experiencing video games in a different way, I think something like this has never been experienced here before. “I like it because it makes me see that the Gamer community is growing in Venezuela, I am fascinated by participating and being able to enjoy the games with my friends.” FeirlyGab expressed to us with great emotion.

Photo courtesy: LGAplay

“These types of events are a novelty in Venezuela and as a Gamer I am excited to see this growth, it represents a cultural advance in the Gamer community within the country, allowing Venezuela to enter the International Gaming World Map. The community here at the competitive level is quite professional, especially with emphasis on the players.” DKZorla, a growing Venezuelan YouTuber, told us.

“The LGAplay event is extremely interesting, everything is quite formal and professional. The community has treated us extremely well as cosplayers and you are totally welcome to come when there are these types of invitations” 8giancrlo8 kindly told us.

“I love the event, it is the first time that I have entered the bideogame community as a cosplayer and the LoL fanatic public has treated me with absolute kindness. Don't miss coming to these types of events and enjoying the community.” Cosplayer Gabi Quinn told us with encouragement.

Are esports events like LGAplay worth attending?

If there's anything these figures agree on'líderIt is our opinion that it is highly recommended to attend these types of events if you are a follower of the competitive scene within the country.

The invitation is completely open from, once again, if you are a fan you should attend to share these types of events with your friends and the community that continues to grow and grow... not only the events organized by LGAplay, but also the entire gamer community in Venezuela.

Photo courtesy: LGAplay

From we ​​thank the LGAplay team for letting us participate in the event; to their wonderful level of production, team and organization during games and breaks. In addition to the people who dedicated their valuable time to the development of this article.

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