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Everything revealed during the Devolver Direct 2024

Devolver Digital returned for another year with a crazy live broadcast revealing its games that will arrive in 2024 and 2025

The Devolver Direct 2024 has finally arrived. Shortly after the Summer Game Fest, the renowned independent game publisher returned with a crazy and interesting live broadcast to reveal its next games that will arrive on consoles and PC between 2024 and 2025.

Devolver celebrated Volvy's 15th anniversary through the overactive imagination of gentle superfan Mathew, who delighted gamers around the world with his encyclopedic knowledge of Devolver games and his completely normal relationship with his iconic mascot. watch it here:

Among the games revealed are: Possessor(s) from indie developer Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter) and Tenjutsu from solo developer Deepnight Games (Sébastien Benard, Dead Cells), headlined this year's Devolver Direct, along with announcements from the release dates for Anger Foot (Free Lives) and The Crush House (Nerial), and new DLC's for Cult of the Lamb (Massive Monster) and The Talos Principle 2 (Croteam).

Below you will learn in detail about each of these games revealed during the Devolver Direct 2024:

Owner(s): coming to PC and consoles in 2025

Possessor(s) is a fast-paced action side scroller game with combat inspired by platform fighting games, a story told through dangerous characters, set in a deep and interconnected world ready to be explored.

You play as Luca, the host, and Rehm, his uncooperative colleague, as they explore a quarantined city destroyed and flooded by an interdimensional catastrophe. Your only hope for survival is to learn to coexist.

Tenjutsu – PC and consoles

In Tenjutsu you play as a renegade yakuza determined to challenge her former partners and loosen their grip on Secret Garden City.
Four powerful crime syndicates control the city and rule with an iron fist. To defeat them, you must master a brutal fighting system and build a diverse arsenal of weapons, upgrades and martial arts techniques, breaking their dominance on the streets in a wave of violence.

Shape the city to suit your play style, unlocking new weapons, combat moves, and areas to explore. But don't take too long: the more time you spend preparing, the stronger your enemies will become.

Anger Foot – July 11, PC

Developed by Free Lives (Broforce, Gorn, Terra Nil), Anger Foot is a lightning-fast action first-person game where the bass beats are as loud as your kicking doors and enemies, and you can experience its mayhem when it launches on PC on July 11.

Shit City is a disease and your foot is the cure. Don a whimsical collection of formidable footwear to fight your way through a diverse series of troubled urban districts. Are you the god of style, speed or power? Discover secrets and unlocks that encourage replayability, and learn to tackle levels in new, creative, ridiculous, and devastating ways.

The Crush House – August 9, PC

The Crush House will make its long-awaited debut on August 9 for PC. A delicious preview in demo form is available on Steam to download and enjoy right now!
Created by the British studio Nerial (Reigns), The Crush House is THE reality TV sensation of 1999 and it has a new producer: you! Playing as new employee Jae, take your camera to the show's iconic Malibu mansion and keep viewers glued to their screens by filming all the drama, fights, romance and tension that arise. But if you fail to keep your audience entertained, you may suffer a fate worse than death: cancellation.

Choose from twelve eccentric personalities to assemble your four-person cast for each season. Mix and match conflicting personalities or complementary attractions and watch tensions rise and sparks fly.

But there's more to The Crush House than meets the eye, and a sinister mystery waits to be uncovered. Jae is able to explore the mansion at night when the show goes off the air, engaging in forbidden conversations with the cast to discover The Crush House's many dark and twisted secrets.

Cult of the Lamb: Unholy Alliance – August 12, PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S|X and Switch

Unholy Alliance, the newly released free update to the hit Cult of the Lamb, introduces a new playable character: the Goat! Summoned by blood and born in corruption, this new evil ally can join the Holy Lamb in local cooperation. She crosses the dungeons, kills heretics, builds your cult and seeks new powers together on August 12.
The Lamb and the Goat can switch weapons, deal additional damage when fighting side by side, or deal a critical hit if their attacks are synchronized. Solo players are also given several new powers and abilities to play with.

In addition to the addition of cooperative play, the Unholy Alliance expansion also adds new tarot cards, relics, buildings, follower features and quests, and other secrets to discover!

The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium – June 14, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

The critically acclaimed plot of Croteam and Devolver Digital's mind-bending, existential puzzler, The Talos Principle 2, is far from over. Road to Elysium will take players even deeper into this unique vision of a post-human future. This three-part expansion will reunite you with beloved characters and test your puzzle-solving skills through a series of thought-provoking new stories.

Following the events of The Talos Principle 2, Road to Elysium continues the evolution of the robot world, providing a new perspective on some of the key moments in 1K's journey and challenging you with puzzles built around new and pre-existing mechanics.

What was your favorite game from Devolver Direct 2024?

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