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The voice of Deadpool and Captain America will be present at the Caracas Comic Con

Pepe Toño Macías will come to Venezuela for the first time along with all his characters this August 17 and 18

Even before its return in 2022, the Caracas Comic Con has been responsible for bringing to Venezuela an endless number of talented artists from all areas within the geek community, from actors, scriptwriters, illustrators and voice actors of our films and series. favorites.

By 2024 this will not stop happening, since, for the new edition of the Caracas Comic Con scheduled for next August 17 and 18 at the CC Líder from the Capital District, will bring none other than Pepe Toño Macías, a Mexican voice actor best known for giving his voice to play great characters such as Captain America, The Joker, James from Team Rocket in Pokémon, Deadpool and many further.

Through a video posted on social media from Caracas Comic Con, the actor confirmed that for the first time he will come to visit Venezuela on August 17 and 18.

Imitating the voice of characters like James, Deadpool, Captain America, Ken from the Barbie movie and a lot of other characters, he extended a greeting to Venezuelans. “There we are going to be signing autographs, we are going to be making audios and videos, we are going to be doing a Meet & Greet, we are going to be in a show on the stage so you can see me work a little,” said the actor. “We are going to have an incredible time. "I already want to meet them, I want to hug them."

Pepe Toño Macías will not be alone, since the event will also feature the presence of Rubén León, another incredible Venezuelan voice actor, known for being the voice of The Joker in the DC Comics animated series between 1992 and 2017.

The voice of Deadpool and Captain America will be present at the Caracas Comic Con

We interviewed Daniela Paolillo, Director of the Caracas Comic Con

For the second consecutive year, has the honor of continuing to be part of the official sponsors of the event, and a few months before the great event takes place, we interviewed Daniela Paolillo, General Director of the Caracas Comic Con and we were able Learn more details about what all attendees can expect next August 17 and 18.

  • Question: After the success of AnimeXP, what are your expectations as Director for the next event?

“The idea is always to improve, to make the events bigger, more attractive, more fun and exciting. For our next Caracas Comic Con event we hope to continue raising the bar and reach more fans so they can discover this world and this special community.”

  • Question: Although there are still months until the first Caracas Comic Con of 2024, what can we expect from the national and international guests yet to be announced?

“We have already confirmed Pepe Toño Macías, a Mexican voice actor who has played beloved characters such as Captain America, Deadpool, James from Pokémon Team Rocket, Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Heath Ledger's Joker, Ken from the Barbie movie… The list is endless! We will also have national talent with the presence of Rubén León, a great interpreter of the Joker in the Batman animated series (many say it is the best adaptation of the character) and many others. We will also have national illustrators and comic creators and national and international cosplayer guests that we will announce in the coming days. Being creative in our country is not easy, that is why we want to continue giving all our support to our local artists.”

· Question: Pepe Toño Macías is one of the most recognized dubbing actors in Latin America thanks to his characters. How has the response been from the followers of Caracas Comic Con after announcing that he will be the next international guest?

“It's been crazy! Many very excited fans. It is the first time that Pepe Toño Macías comes to Venezuela, his arrival has created a lot of expectations. He is a perfect fit for our Comic Con because he has a wide variety of characters in various genres, both Marvel, DC, Anime, Fantasy, video games, etc. If you are a fan, surely one of his characters has touched your life in some way. “We always try to find something new so that our fans experience great emotions.”

  • Question: Do you expect to implement any other new features to the event in addition to the national and international guests?

“One of our highlights will be the grand final of the Comic Con Venezuela Cosplay Cup, nine participants who were in the 3 Qualifiers that we held in our previous events are going to participate for more than $4.500 in prizes. We simply hope to see the best work in terms of character costumes and interpretation of the country in this contest, Venezuelan ingenuity always highlighted in our contests. And of course, we have several more surprises in store, it's going to be simply brutal.”

The new edition of the Caracas Comic Con on August 17 and 18 will be held at the Events Level of the CC Líder of the Capital District. To find out more information about tickets and event schedule, schedules and prices for the Meet & Greet of all guests, you can do so through their web page or in Instagram.

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