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The Boys remains the most grotesque and spectacular of its genre

The Boys returned to destroy the competition and remain the highlight of the genre

Ladies and gentlemen, The Boys is back with all the inappropriate jokes, violence, nudity and complex situations you can imagine, and increasingly dives into what will undoubtedly be a spectacular denouement for this Amazon gem.

There are some things that we must be clear about, the series being a “parody” makes fun of everything it can, the media, streaming services, Hollywood stars, internet personalities, podcasts, networks. social, etc. You name it and The Boys have probably already made fun of it.

But I am very interested in the metacriticism that is immersed in his speech, since he shouts in the viewer's face about the falseness of superheroes, while creating real superheroes, I bring up what Homelander and Starlight represent.

Homelander represents the madness, anarchy, disorder and “supposed freedom” that the people of the United States seek, defending their freedom with weapons, violence and propaganda; But in reality, and as viewers we know that this is a farce, Homelander does not represent any of this, he does not even care, since his role in this season It will be to move away from his human side and see himself as a “God among mortals”, therefore the acceptance and need for attention that he has may take a backseat later in the series, but at the moment he is seeking to be worshiped. , almost like a religious idol.

The Boys remains the most grotesque and spectacular of its genre

Starlight, on the other hand, represents kindness, empathy if you will, she seeks to combat Vought and Homenlander, but violence is the last option, she seeks to generate empathy in the public with help campaigns and protest messages so that This may confront Vought, but it is interesting that perhaps what began as a revolt became an opposition movement, where the Starlighters are in constant friction with the Homelanders.

Here is a spoiler for the comic from which the series is adapted, at the end of the story Homelander takes the presidency of the United States (eliminates the White House), and as a result a war begins between sides, I will not say more, but because of how They are cooking things up, it is only a matter of time before the situation escalates even more than what we have already seen, in just a couple of weeks we will know if this is the case, but from what I can see war is imminent.

Is The Boys now Woke?

I just finished the first three episodes of this season and I must tell you that the magic is still there, but I find it interesting how the public's perception affects the particular vision one has of the work, let me explain.

Over the past two years, and most recently since the end of season 3 (which many claim, myself included, is the best of the series so far), the popularity of the show attracted new faces, and those people began to see that Within the narrative of The Boys, the series has very marked elements that allude to Woke culture or political correctness. But firstly, it seems to me that these elements have always been part of the DNA of the series, the only difference is that the first season differs greatly in popularity from the third, therefore, there were not as many people who wanted to be projected or offended by the politically correct aspects of it.

The elements I am referring to are people of color in specific roles, LGBT community being addressed in the media, etc. But I think many people forget that The Boys is a parody, (which is slowly becoming what it started to parody, but it still remains a parody), it continues to make fun of the media, of the public that consumes this type of content, continues to create irreverence in the form of grotesque, pornographic jokes, etc.

What I'm getting at is that even though they may accuse the series of "abusing the politically correct elements", I believe that these have always been there, it's just that they were never given attention, since the fan public was only interested in the plot and the critical comments about the society we live in today, it really wasn't that interesting to attack the series for being “Woke”, what is really interesting is seeing the outcome of Butcher vs. Homelander and how the story of the Supers in the United States will end.

The narrative quality of The Boys is undeniable, and both connoisseurs and the general public recognize it as one of the best examples of how to approach the topic of superheroes in a realistic context. This series, along with others such as Invincible, Logan, Joker and Guardians Volume 3, is setting a precedent and paving the way for a new genre, where superhero stories transcend mere entertainment and become works with a clear message and intention.

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