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Dynasty Warriors: Origins revealed during State of Play

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force will seek to reconcile with fans of the franchise when this new installment arrives in 2025

Dynasty Warriors will make a pretty grand return in 2025 on PlayStation 5. Koei Tecmo was present during the State of Play to give us a first look at Dynasty Warriors: Origins to take a step forward for the franchise and its graphic level.

Omega Force is back despite the rocky launch of Dinasty Warriors 9, since with this title they prepare a new beginning by returning to their roots. Dynasty Warriors: Origins unleashes the largest armies ever seen in the series while introducing a new hero to the 1v1000 action that made the franchise famous.

Tomohiko Sho, Producer of Dynasty Warriors: Origins and director of Omega Force, Koei Tecmo Games stated on the PlayStation blog that “Since Dynasty Warriors 2, the roots of this series have always been based on the feeling of realism on the battlefield and the excitement of 1 versus 1000 gameplay.”

“For this new installment, we will return to these roots to deliver this non-stop action not only to our most loyal fans of the series, but to all fans of the game around the world,” Sho continued. “In Dynasty Warriors: Origins, we've been able to amplify the sense of tension on the battlefield while also delivering an epic sense of euphoria after overcoming the odds in the most exciting war we've ever created.”

Dynasty Warriors: Origins brings a new angle to the story

For the first time in the history of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Omega Force will depict the chaos of the Three Kingdoms through the eyes of a “nameless hero.” The player will be able to experience the history of war through the eyes of our new protagonist, showcasing the vast land of China and its timeless soldiers and generals like never before.

At the moment, not much information is known about how the story will develop, so we will probably learn more about the new unnamed hero and his fight for the Three Kingdoms in the coming months before the release of Dynasty Warriors: Origins in 2025.

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