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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will give its release date at Summer Game Fest

On June 7 we will finally know when we will have the successor to Budokai Tenkaichi in our hands, and everything indicates that it will be this year

For a year now, Bandai Namco has given us crumbs of information about Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero while confirming the arrival of new characters to the successor to Budokai Tenkaichi and new mechanics, but they have never told us when we will have it in our hands. However, with Summer Game Fest just around the corner, we'll finally have a concrete release window.

The past 30 of May, the official Summer Game Fest account confirmed that Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero will be present at the event, while other sources confirmed that Bandai Namco will finally give details of the game's editions, along with its release date.

Between the new details revealed There is a legal document related to the game known as “Assignment Notice” that implies that Sparking Zero must be released within the next six months… Although it is not very concrete information, everything indicates that it will finally arrive this year.

The document explains that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero now has a six-month window to be used in commerce, which essentially means that it will be available for people to purchase. The document also states that this time period also allows for up to five extension requests. Despite this, as user Venixys explains, that has rarely happened with recent Dragon Ball games.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero could include one of the most beloved features

In the original Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi games for PlayStation 2, players had the ability to play offline in split screen with their friends. Now, the game profile on the PlayStation Store states that 2 types of multiplayer experiences will be offered to players, online and offline.

Both multiplayer modes will allow up to 2 players. Offline mode could offer a split-screen option, similar to what we've seen in previous titles.

We recommend taking all this as responsible speculation. Bandai Namco has neither confirmed nor denied this feature for the upcoming game based on the manga. now deceased Akira Toriyama.

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