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Alone In The Dark reboot developers close their studio

Pieces Interactive, a studio that has been in the industry since 2007, joins the other companies closed by Embracer Group

On the morning of June 17, Pieces Interactive, developers of Alone in the Dark Remake announced through its official website the closure of the study.

“Pieces Interactive has released over ten titles for PC, console and mobile devices since 2007, both first-party concepts such as Puzzlegeddon, Fret Nice, Leviathan Warships, Robo Surf and Kill to Collect, as well as work-for-hire titles such as Magicka 2 and various DLC. for Mágica”, reads the website. “Our client list includes Paradox Interactive, Koei Tecmo, Arrowhead Game Studios, Koch Media and RaceRoom Entertainment.”

“In 2017, Embracer Group acquired Pieces Interactive after working on the Titan Quest expansion, Titan Quest: Ragnarök, and the third Titan Quest expansion, Titan Quest: Atlantis.”

The Alone in the Dark remake was the studio's last project and arrived in March 2024 to mixed reviews.

Another Embracer Group studio closes

The closure of Pieces Interactive is just the latest development in the Embracer Group saga. Embracer Group went on a multi-year buying spree in which the company acquired Dark Horse Media, Limited Run Games, and many other companies. However, things came to a screeching halt last year when a deal worth $2.000 billion fell through.

Since then, Embracer has desperately tried to restructure in a bid to get out of debt. The restructuring has seen several different studios spun off, sold to different companies, or closed entirely. Unfortunately, Pieces Interactive falls into the latter category and now several employees of the studio will be forced to look for a new workplace.

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