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Destiny 2: The Final Shape is now available on consoles and PC

After much waiting and several delays, the outcome of Bungie's sci-fi multiplayer has finally arrived

After much waiting and constant delays, Bungie finally released the latest DLC for Destiny 2: The Final Shape on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles worldwide. In The Final Shape, the final chapter in Destiny's decade-long saga of Light and Darkness, the Guardians will face annihilation and their most powerful adversary, the Witness, to end the war between the Light. and the Darkness.

What is Destiny 2: The Final Shape about?

In The Final Shape, the Guardians will have an epic battle to thwart the Witness's twisted plans for the fate of the universe. Along the way, they will enter the mythical Traveler and explore a new destination, the Discouraged Heart. As they pursue the Witness through the Dauntless Heart, the Guardians will gather their Vanguard allies and face enemies old and new.

To succeed in their battle against their greatest enemy, the Guardians will have access to powers never before seen with the release of The Final Shape. First, there are the prismatic subclasses. Forged from both Light and Darkness, the Prismatic Force gives players the power to combine arc, solar, vacuum, stasis, and string energy to create custom subclasses. Players can become Transcendent by dealing enough Light and Dark damage, giving them access to new grenades that deal Light and Dark damage, bonus weapon damage, and more.

Binoculars were designed to give players more equipment combination options; They have more shard types and slots than other subclasses. Combined with the new Exotic class items coming with The Final Shape (one for each class), players will have more options than ever to express their true power as a Guardian.

New content will continue to come to the game

Additionally, Bungie will finally unlock its latest raid, Edge of Salvation. Destiny Raids are the ultimate aspirational activities designed for 6 skilled Guardians determined to test their skills, teamwork, and ability to solve the game's toughest challenges. Edge of Salvation will be released to all Final Form players on June 7.

With the launch of the Edge of Salvation raid, Bungie will also kick off its competition to crown the first squad in the world to complete it. Following official confirmation, each member of the winning squad will be awarded a unique World's First title belt.

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