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Counter Strike skin has been sold for $1 million dollars

The second most valued skin in Valve's tactical shooter changed owners again and still maintains its high value

One of the best-priced skins in Counter Strike was sold on June 5 for more than $1 million dollars. This is a StatTrak Factory New AK-47 with color pattern #661 (Blue Gem).

Although this is not the most expensive skin in the game, it is the one that takes second place. Expert users of this market claim that the skin could sell for more than $2 million dollars.

However, this has not been the case, the transaction was carried out secretly through skin brokers roflm0nster y zipelCS. Although the exact value is not known, both dealers, managing the sale, confirmed that the skin was still valued at over a million dollars.

Why are Skins in Counter Strike so expensive?

Counter Strike Skins are cosmetic elements that can be placed on different types of weapons within the game; they do not provide a substantial improvement in the game, beyond a better visual appearance for the player's items and how their opponents see them.

There are 4 factors why these skins may have an exaggerated value. If several of these factors are met, they provide a high value to the skin within the market due to its level of exclusivity. Fostering a collectors market that has existed since the beginning of CS:GO and that continues in Counter Strike 2.

Among these 4 factors are: the rarity of the skin, its color pattern, the level of wear and whether it belongs to the StatTrack collection. All of these factors greatly influence the value of a skin within this market.

The rarity of the skin and the color pattern share a unique quality within this rating scale.

There are different levels of exclusivity within these 2 factors, ranging from common denomination skins/colors to 'Extraordinary' (gold) classification skins combined with 'type V' color patterns (which reflect light on their surface). .

There are 999 color patterns within the skins, among those patterns Type V are considered 'pure color' and are the most sought after. But what determines the value within these 2 factors is that the color patterns do not shine equally on skins lower than Extraordinary rarity.

The wear level, as the name suggests, is the amount of use that the skin has been given in the game. The more it is used, the less value it has. Going from 'battle scarred' to 'factory new' or 'Factory New' as in this case.

Finally, the StatTrack collection can revalue a skin by $500.000 thousand dollars just for belonging to this collection. This is because skins with these characteristics record the number of kills the player makes while they have it equipped.

All these factors are the explanation why this skin is the second most valued in the game, there is also the market for stickers that give added value to these skins, but that is another market that is equally complex and collectors do not usually take it into account in most high transactions.

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