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Blue Beetle will continue with its own animated series

The animated series could pick up the events of the film after Warner's recent interest in DC animated projects

With Warner Bros' recent focus on DC animated projects, there are rumors that the company is producing an animated series sequel to the Blue Beetle movie.

This information was released through an article in Deadline in which they assure that the series already has a director and writer. Assuring that the series has been in development since the beginning of the year.

The Blue Beetle movie is an important adaptation for Warner. Especially considering that it was a kind of reboot for the DC cinematic universe in the words of James Gunn.

The film managed to raise more than $130 million dollars after its theatrical release. Despite the fact that its premiere was planned only for the HBO Streaming platform.

The moderate success of the film, plus the soon premiere of 'Creature Commandos' which will also be another animated project that will arrive soon as part of the Reboot of this universe, makes fans believe that we could be ready for the announcement of this series.

The cast of this sequel to Blue Beetle is not yet known.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the film's actors will return to lend their voices to their animated characters. Since no one has commented regarding this news.

It should be noted that Warner has had a recent contract renewal for these actors. Many of whom have already confirmed their return for DC projects, so it is not unreasonable to think that they could participate in this project as well.

The executive directors, producers and writers of the 2023 film would also be collaborating with the production of this project, this to avoid inconsistencies in the plot. It is estimated that DC could aspire to a better cinematic universe.

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