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New Arcane trailer reveals this will be its final season

The Netflix series will culminate to give way to other stories from the League of Legends universe in film and television

There is no doubt that the second season of Arcane is positioned as one of the most anticipated series of the year both for League of Legends fans and for lovers of animated series in general.

This expectation is due, in large part, to the exceptional artistic and plot quality that Fortiche Production has imbued into its work. The French studio has been a collaborator of Riot Games since 2013, which captivated us with Season 1 of Arcane on Netflix in 2021, and now returns with an installment that promises to far exceed expectations.

Now, ahead of the release of the second season later this year, they have revealed a new teaser confirming that this would be the last.

This new trailer offers our best look yet at Arcane Season 2, giving us a glimpse of how the story will unfold after the events that marked the end of the first season.

Throughout the trailer we can see already known characters such as Jinx, Vi, Caitlin, Heimerdinger and Ekko, who played a fundamental role in the first installment. New characters are also introduced who will undoubtedly play an important role in the plot of the second season.

Arcane culminates to give way to new League of Legends stories

Christian Linke, co-creator of Arcane, took advantage of the moment to announce that this will be the peak stage of the series. He explained that those who have worked on the show have aspirations to move forward and tell new stories in other parts of the League of Legends universe.

“From the beginning, since we started working on this project, we had a very specific ending in mind, which means that Arcane's story concludes with this second season,” Linke said. “But Arcane is just the first of many stories we want to tell in Runeterra. We've been with Riot throughout Vi and Jinx's journey so far. […] His arcs have grown far beyond our original dreams and we want to give the same treatment to more champions.”

“We are currently working on our next projects in television and film and hope to share more by the end of the year.”

The second season of Arcane is scheduled to arrive in November 2024.

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