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A Quiet Place The Road Ahead arrives this year on consoles and PC

You can survive the apocalypse in this narrative horror game inspired by the hit film franchise from Paramount Pictures

Today, Saber Interactive officially revealed A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead, coming later this year for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Developed by Stormind Games, this single-player first-person horror adventure game, inspired by Paramount Pictures' critically acclaimed hit film franchise, takes players into the chilling world of A Quiet Place to experience an untold story. of survival after the fall of humanity to deadly creatures that hunt by sound.

Capturing the frenetic terror, haunting atmosphere, and gripping human drama that made the franchise famous, A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is designed for fans of horror movies, games, and story-driven adventures alike. Experience the journey of a young woman struggling to endure not only the nightmarish creatures of the apocalypse, but also the anguish of interpersonal family conflicts and her own inner fears.

With nothing more than your wits and the simple tools you can find, you will have to overcome the many challenges and treacherous obstacles that lie ahead, while trying to survive the ever-present threat of unknown enemies.

Key Features of A Quiet Place The Road Ahead:

  • A new story in the universe of A Quiet Place: Embark on a dramatic new adventure in the world of the hit A Quiet Place saga. Discover an untold story of fear and courage as a young survivor trying to endure the terrifying new nightmare of the apocalypse.
  • Feel the disconcerting terror of silence: Experience absolute horror as you hide, distract and dodge the ultimate predatory creatures. But be careful: even a single noise can give you away.
  • Survive the end of the world: discover your own path through the haunting remains of human civilization, using your wits and ingenuity to observe each environment, take advantage of all the tools you can find, and overcome the dangers that surround you.

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