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Venezuela already has its own Figital Sports Federation

The Venezuelan Federation of Figital Sports will seek to consolidate the country in more than 20 hybrid disciplines in 2024

Last Tuesday, May 7, the board of directors of the new Venezuelan Federation of Figital Sports (FVDF) was sworn in, thus allowing the development of a new hybrid sports modality that mixes traditional sport as we already know it with electronic sports with a view to revolutionize the world of sports practice and entertainment.

Although the term phygital (or phygital as it is known in English) might seem a bit confusing, this combination is the response to the technological advance of societies in many areas, which, in this case, involves the sports scene.

Tras Venezuela's participation in the most recent edition of The Future Games 2024 In Kazan Russia, the phygital community started an organizational process that began with the installation of a Promotion Committee and an Electoral Commission, to later hold elections for its board of directors on May 4.

This electoral process was accompanied technically and logistically by the National Electoral Council and had the participation of more than 300 athletes, coaches and referees from a public and open registry that was carried out for several days prior to the election, according to the most recent statement. of the FVDF press release.

This Board of Directors is made up of: Douglas Jover as president, Jorge Romero as vice president, Pedro Villamizar as general secretary and Maria Fernanda Peña as treasurer. Likewise, it will have as directors Enrique Veloccia, Ramsés Zerpa and the Venezuelan basketball legend Armando Becker

Venezuela already has its own Figital Sports Federation
From left to right: Douglas Jover, Jorge Romero, Pedro Villamizar and Maria Fernanda Peña | Photos courtesy: Iván Mac Gregor

He hopes that Venezuela will compete in 20 physical sports disciplines

Douglas Jover, president of FVDF, after his swearing-in declared that the values ​​and principles of this organization will be oriented towards inclusion, freedom and openness for the participation of all athletes, coaches and judges who wish to participate.
join the practice of this new sporting modality and in the short term consolidate national teams in the more than 20 disciplines that are played in international competitions of this specialty.

The swearing-in ceremony took place at the Xtreme E-sport Arena facilities in Caracas, a training and entertainment center, which will become the first digital academy affiliated with FeveFigital. Although, at the moment we cannot talk much about it, the team knows that it will be inaugurated in the coming months and will be the largest, most spacious and most advanced arena in Caracas at the time of writing this article, looking very similar to the UCAB Academy of Esports and Digital Arts.

Venezuela already has its own Figital Sports Federation
Photos courtesy: Iván Mac Gregor

The swearing-in was attended by national and international sports authorities such as Alexander Ospina, president of the Pan American Electronic Sports Confederation (Pamesco) and main director of the International Esports Federation (IESF), Daniel Cossi, president of the World Esports Consortium ( Wesco) also main director of IESF and Dr. Ninoska Clocier, president of the National Sports Institute, among others.

The new federation proposes an extensive sports calendar

The vice president of FeveFigital, Jorge Romero, mentioned that they have prepared a tight calendar in which they will have phygital activities every weekend until the month of July, and then hold a championship and a national qualifier for The Future Games 2025, as well as the participation of the national team in two international events in June and September.

In addition, Romero explained the registration process to join the federation. He assured that there are two mechanisms: The first is through its web portal that will be available soon, which will have all the details to know how you can participate within the federation. The second, and which is already available, is through WhatsApp. You can consult all the information from this link.

Finally, he explained the sports schedule towards The Future Games 2025, forming part of a route of national events to attract physical athletes:

  • Cantv Figital Tour – 14 states | from May 17 to July 13
  • BRICS 2024 | from June 11 to 22
  • Copa America Figital | June 25, 26 and 27
  • Zero Hour Figital Basket | [To be confirmed]
  • Friendship Games | September 22
  • Phygital Games of Future Qualifiers | October 10 to November 10
  • National Fitness Championship | [To be confirmed]
  • Youth Cup | December 5th

It is important to mention that some of these dates may or may not change.

Interview with the president of the Venezuelan Sports Federation Figital

The team that attended had the opportunity to interview president Douglas Jover, and thus clarify certain uncertainties of a large part of the community:

  • Will the Venezuelan Federation of Electronic Sports (FVDF) replace the current Venezuelan Federation of Electronic Sports? (FVDE)

“They are two totally different federations that complement each other. However, there are precedents such as in the Republic of Russia and Uzbekistan, where there are federations of electronic sports as well as physical sports,” explained Jover. “Likewise, these countries have other types of related federations such as those of programmers, which we will also be seeking to create in Venezuela. These are things that have been developing internationally and Venezuela cannot be left behind to participate in these international events.”

“Here all the federations are brothers, we are known and not only are we going to work together, but we are going to move forward together so that all electronic sports athletes and hybrid athletes can belong to both federations and have the best national players” .

“Venezuela is not only going to participate, Venezuela is going to win… and in order to win, you must have the best players in the country.”

Photos courtesy: Iván Mac Gregor
  • What are the physical and digital disciplines that this new federation will cover?

“Football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, boxing and even hockey that have their corresponding digital version such as dancing with Just Dance and Beat Saber, but we also have visualized which athletes will participate in our qualifying phase to bring the best to Russia.”

"Now that we have a federation, now that we have a reasonable amount of time to be able to plan which are the best athletes we have in Venezuela, I am convinced that we are going to win several championships in the next Future Games 2025."

  • Would you support a change in law for the Prohibition of Video Games and War Toys in Venezuela as a federation related to video games?

“We have already been making progress on that. Being immersed in this world, I can say that on the electoral roll there were four deputies of the National Assembly who support both traditional sports and video games. "They attended the vote on May 4 and told us that they have prepared the steps to follow within the National Assembly of Venezuela to change or restructure this law that came out many years ago." will continue to investigate the aforementioned restructuring process of this recently mentioned law.

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