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Ubisoft revealed new gameplay for Star Wars: Outlaws

Showcasing space battle, exploration and infiltration gameplay. Star Wars: Outlaws continues to raise expectations

Ubisoft Forward presented several previews of its already announced games. They opened the broadcast in a big way showing new gameplay from Star Wars: Outlaws. The first open world Star Wars game that will arrive at the end of August.

The protagonist Kay Vess (Played by Venezuelan Humberly Gonzales) was the main figure of the entire Gameplay as a playable character. It also shows various scenarios, secondary missions, vehicles and weapons that will be seen during the course of the main plot.

The game director, Mathias Karlson, directed the entire broadcast related to this game, explaining in detail what the adventure will be like conceptually and mechanically speaking. Teaching everything from space flights and combat, to exploration and infiltration inside the planets.

Outlaws presents the player with an exciting adventure within this galactic universe, seeking to make the setting and immersion its most notable points within the game.

From the little that was shown, it is clear that the developers, Massive Entertainent, have more than fulfilled that task. Offering the player main and secondary objectives that take them naturally into everything that happened.

Let us remember that this game is set during the fifth and sixth installment of the saga, which provides the setting with a galaxy where the empire still dominates and syndicalist crime is unleashed.

The game will allow players to become the most wanted bounty hunters in the galaxy, controlling Kay Vess. However, there is not much more we can get than what was shown, other than the exploration and gameplay will be as exciting as they showed it.

If you have more questions about the information about this game, in your official page You can consult everything that is known so far.

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