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Epic Games Store's Next Mysterious Free Game Leaked

Rumors suggest that the next free game that Epic will give away this Thursday, May 30, will be an incredible farm simulator

Through an article from the French magazine Dealabs the insider billbil kun, revealed that the next mysterious game that will be available on the Epic Games Store from May 23 to 30 could be Farming Simulator 22 in its Standard edition.

However, billbil-kun states through a post on your x account that, if this does not end up being the game revealed by Epic Games during this week, it would not take long to be one of the next free games that will be offered during this month of “Mega-Sale” offered in the store.

Epic Store confirmed that during the Mega-Sale it was going to give away a weekly game, if Farming Simulator will not be offered for free on May 23, the insider assures that it will arrive this Thursday, May 30.

What is this title that Epic Games will soon offer about?

Farming Simulator 22 is one of the latest installments in this series of farming simulation games developed and published by Giants Software. The game was released in 2021 on both consoles and PC.

You will be able to build and manage your own farm to take advantage of the different features and mechanics that the game offers. From agriculture, animal husbandry, to forestry. You will be able to drive vehicles of a wide range of models based on real tractors and combines, managing your production lines and preparing for seasonal changes and how they will affect your farm.

More than 400 real-life vehicles and tools from 100 different brands that you can use for: a lush vineyard or olive orchard in the southern French Mediterranean; vast farmlands filled with wheat, corn, potatoes and cotton in the American Midwest; or a lively animal farm in the mountainous landscape of the European Alpine region.

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