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Sony could be developing LEGO: Horizon Adventures

Insiders assure that Sony's proposal in collaboration with LEGO could be soon to be announced at a PlayStation event

Through a Post in X, the insider Kurakasis account, showed that Sony is developing a new Horizon video game with realistic graphics together with LEGO. It could be close to being announced at an upcoming PlayStation event.

Tom Henderson, owner of Insider Gaming also published an article where he explained that, in fact, he agrees with Kurakasis and that the collaborative project could be a new IP for LEGO video games based on the Guerilla Games saga.

Insider Gaming theorizes that, basically, it will be a Horizon Forbidden West, but with a LEGO theme, where we can explore the world of Horizon with the "realistic" construction physics of this type of video game and the square creatures that inhabit this world.

They also theorize that Sony wants to take advantage of the success of Guerrilla Games, since the sequel to Horizon, Horizon Forbidden West managed to sell 8.1 million copies and the saga in general has sold more than 32.7 million units sold and it is to be hoped that they want to use the franchise for more projects than the production of a AAA title.

It is not the first time that these franchises collaborate to launch a product, as LEGO has launched in the past a set of the long neck that appears in the game. A realistic approximation of what the video game creatures could look like if they were created with the LEGO format.

Both insiders agree that Sony could be close to announcing this collaborative title, but that at the moment there is no more information about it.

It is important to mention that, at the moment, neither Sony nor LEGO have made an official statement about this rumor, so we recommend taking this information with great caution.

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