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Fallout games rebound in players after the success of the series

Existing games in the post-apocalyptic saga have even increased their simultaneous users by more than 200 percent

With the overwhelming success of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout series and the strong campaign that Bethesda game Studios has endured with the franchise's games, such as the announcement of the Next Gen update for Fallout 4, the free week of Fallout 76 on consoles and PC, and giving away some of the classics on Prime Gaming, it seems that players have returned or come to gaming for the first time.

It's a monumental time to be a fan of the legendary post-apocalyptic franchise, and the excitement has seen Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 player numbers double on some platforms, with Fallout 3 and New Vegas seeing a 200% increase. % in players.

A good time to be a Fallout fan

SteamDB, a platform that stores the large database of Steam games and allows you to see the history of updates, changes, prices and even the number of players, allows you to see the new flow of users who enter the games of the Fallout series from the premiere of the series. Below, we will list the highest figures at the time of writing this note.

The series has brought millions of people back (or started) to the franchise. Thanks to Bethesda Game Studios' marketing campaign, assisted by Amazon Prime Video, the television series exploded and, along with it, the games discovered a new feeling of popularity.

And apparently, this is also happening at least on Xbox consoles, as industry analyst Mat Piscatella revealed, mentioning that the saga's multiplayer game is experiencing its highest participation rate on Xbox series consoles since October 2022.

“According to Circana's Player Engagement Tracker, Fallout 76 is currently seeing its highest engagement rate on Xbox Series consoles (% daily active XBS players playing) since October 2022.”

The series was also a pleasant surprise for us

In our review of the first season of Fallout we mentioned that “it manages to connect with an audience that goes beyond the Gamer public, it manages to tell such a solid story that attracts experts and new faces alike. Once again, Amazon is consolidating itself as a platform that is polishing its productions to the maximum to stand out in a market that is increasingly repeating itself.". You can read it in full through this link.

After this triumphant return, it seems that fans of the saga will insist more on an official announcement of the second season of the series, as well as new news about Fallout 5, which we will probably not know anything about until the arrival of The Elder Scrolls 6 between 2026 and 2027.

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